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Shambhala Music and Lyrics

Music by The Truthsayers

Lyrics by L. M. McDermott
Music by Baylor Maggenti

Love and War


The heat that's generated,
The sparks and the fire,
Impassion the war
We call sexual desire.

A garish display
Or a sweet ingénue
It's still entrapment
And war will ensue.

To capture and possess another
Even if they're willing to play,
It's not love or being smitten.
It' s war in every way.

Verse 1

Their gearin’ up with make up, and
High heel clip-claps
Their armed with seductive moves and
Eye-catching booby traps.

Their plottin’ and plannin’ for position and control.
They misrepresent, manipulate, and withhold.
Turnin’ mens' heads so we’ll want more
They are woman ready for war.

Repeat Chorus

Responding to garish displays
Is a warrior wanting his way.
A soldier eager to dominate.
The chase is on, I am his prey.

Our challenge to combat and the danger, too.
Gets his attention in this sexual dual.
Captured and possessed the hunt always ends
In violence and war, never just friends.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

But what if there was no
War between the sexes?
No men flirting with disaster?
No bewitching feminine hexes?

No more soldiers of sexual attraction?
No gearin’ up lookin' for action?
Would they be wimps with cold-hearted women?
Or would we find peace and a taste of heaven!

Repeat Chorus

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