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  • Image of a Waterfall

    Shambhala Music and Lyrics

    Music by The Truthsayers

    Lyrics by L. M. McDermott
    Music by L.M. McDermott
    and Joseph Carrella


    How can it be
    That I am so content,
    Having none of the things
    That spell contentment?

    I have no one
    I can run and cling to.
    No one sharing my past or
    Bringing my future into view.

    I have no special
    Circle of friends
    Who think the way I do.
    No rights, no wrongs, no desired ends.

    Repeat Chorus

    I have no future
    I need to meet.
    No directing goals,
    No deserving feats.

    I have only me
    And a slight hint,
    And that’s all I need
    To find contentment.

    Music and Lyrics Copyright © 2011 Forerunner Publications

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